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 Two Friends: Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Two Friends: Chapter 1   Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:00 pm

Here's a story my friend & i started writing. i was thinking of writing more, but I want to see what ya'll think of the first chapter

Chapter 1: Jensyn

I heard the alarm on my clock buzz, indicating it was 7:00am. I groaned and shifted myself so my face was against my pillow. I didn’t want to get up, but if I didn’t my mother would come get me. Actually, she wasn’t my mother. My mother was dead. I stared at the floor remembering how my real mother had always been kind to me and had listened to my complaints. Not Cassandra, no. She was too busy being a stuck up version of Lindsay Lohan. A moment later, I heard her shrill voice calling up to me.
"Jensyn! Get up, your father’s already running late!"
I sighed and rolled out of bed, my feet landing on the soft carpet. I slipped on my slippers and walked over to my mirror. My golden blond hair was perfect as usual, not a tangle in sight. I reached for my brush, undoing my ponytail. My hair fell down around me, reaching down past my shoulders and near the backs of my knees. After I pulled the brush through my hair a few times, I set it down and began on my makeup. I brushed on a peachy-tan color that was just a little darker than my skin. I set down the eye shadow and applied my mascara. After I was satisfied with my face and hair, I went over to my closet to choose what I would wear for the day.
I leafed through my closet, looking at A&F shirts, American Eagle jackets and skirts, and Levi’s blue jeans. After a few minutes, I decided on a silver halter-top and a pair of black jeans. I slipped the shirt on over my head, letting it slide down to fit my perfect figure. I pulled on the pants and decided to look at my shoes. I finally decided on my silver flats and slipped them on. I picked up my silver necklace and laid it down on my throat, putting the clasps together. I looked at it in the mirror, my sapphire blue eyes scanning over the deep blue of the large gem in the middle.
I walked out of my room and down the stairs, my shoes clacking against the hardwood floor. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a protein bar off of the counter and unwrapped it. I took a bite out of it and felt the strawberry flavor fill my mouth. I ate it quickly, then threw the wrapper in the trash and took a long drink of carbonated water. Then, I walked into the living room to meet the parents.
Cassandra turned to face me, her brilliant blue eyes flashing. "Where on Earth were you? You’ve made your father late again young lady."
My father, the kind and caring man that he is, even though he is clearly blind to Cassandra’s evil ways, decided to be nice to me. "Cassandra, I don’t mind. Jen’s right on time. I just woke up late."
I smiled and mouthed a ‘thank you’ to my dad, but the little devil wouldn’t take that excuse.
"I don’t care John! Your daughter is going to make you late again!"
I cleared my throat. "Actually, mom," I said sarcastically, "You’re making him even more late by arguing with him." I beamed, knowing I was right.
My father sighed and I heard him stand up. "Jen, get your stuff, we’re leaving now." He picked up his keys and briefcase and headed to the garage..
I flipped my hair, indicating I had won this round. Cassandra pretended to ignore me and went back up the stairs. I picked up my designer bag and headed out to my dad’s Lexis. He had already started the car when I got in.. I slid into the passenger seat. My father drove me to school in silence, not bothering to turn on the radio. I sighed and slid down into my seat, smashing my hair against seat. After a mile of so, he stopped the car and turned to look at me.
"Jen, I want you to be nice to Cassandra."
I groaned and sat up in the seat. "Why should I? She’s mean and she thinks she can replace mom."
I heard my father sigh. "She won’t ever replace your mother." He leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead. After he pulled away, he spoke again. "Just remember she’s never had any daughters. She’s trying to be your friend Jen."
I looked over at him and gave him a glare that clearly said I didn’t want to hear it. "I don’t like her and I never will." I slung my bag strap over my shoulder. "I don’t even know why you married that woman in the first place!" I opened the door and got out, slamming it behind me. I didn’t even give my father a chance to speak. Behind me, I heard the car engine roar and I knew he was leaving.
I took a deep breath and walked into the throng of people, my people. I smiled at them all, pretending to be happy and putting on a mask that I cared. Because truthfully, I didn’t. But, I was the most popular girl in school. I had been since as long as I can remember. I walked up to my "group", my friends. They all smiled at me and welcomed me, but I wasn’t paying attention to them.
I looked around, ignoring the chatter around me. I saw someone walking into the school. I had never seen her before, was she new? Well, I probably would never find out… That’s what I get for being me….
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Brittany Redfern[Creator]
Brittany Redfern[Creator]

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PostSubject: Re: Two Friends: Chapter 1   Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:41 pm

Nice clone Smile
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Two Friends: Chapter 1
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