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 Sky's Story

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kath {she stands}
kath {she stands}

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PostSubject: Sky's Story   Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:36 pm

Well it's not the best but i like to write so this is Sky's story

i pushed my long mousey brown hair behind my ears and stared at myself in the mirror, reaching for my black eyeliner. i guess you could say i'm not the happiest person in the world but honestly, how could you be if you went to a school filled with barbies and kens, like I do. I was literally the only person with any indivisuality . there were jocks cheerleaders and me.
I sighed pulling a black cami over my green and black striped shirt and tugged on my long hair again. i looked in the mirror at one of the few things that seperated me from everybody else at my school (besides my lack of obsession for fashion) alarmingly electric green eyes were staring back at me. my eyes always have been always will be a shocking green (of course the eyeliner does help)
Sighing, I trampled down the stairs to the kitchn grabbing my car keys and slamming the front door behind me. i opened the door to my beat up grey compact car and hopped in turning the stereo on
"are we human or are we dancer?' i sung (off key) along to the chorus of the killers new single.
It took me about five minutes to drive to the high school. i deliberately parking next to a yellow ferarri I opened my door hard leaving a dent in its almost perfect paint job. i smiled swinging my backpack over my shoulder heading to my usual hang out under the bleachers. once i got there i slid down onto the damp grass. i was about to pull out my book, when i heard a noise probably just some lovebirds making out...sick.
"get the hell out creeps this is my spot" i yelled towards the noice i looked back down at the book trying to focus, but foot steps came i looked up at a tall lanky guy wearing a black hoodie and faded jeans. i studied his face he had shaggy black hair and dark circles under his deep grey eyes that stood out against his pale skin. must be a new kid
"look since you're new here i'll cut you some slack" i started
"but i'm not" he interupted
i studied him again carefully i definetly would have notied him before
"i'm sumner" he prompted "we have spanish 2 together"...what?
"sumner reynolds?" i asked unsure if we were talking about the same person.
"ya" he nodded
"little miss perfect blond's little brother?" i asked still in shock, he nodded "weren't you like blond?" i furrowed my eyebrows trying to recall what he looked like
" i was" he said dismissively looking down at his feet
i raised my eyebrows i had never seen him do sports or wear designer clothes, that was a plus, he was nice not perfect nice just down to earth how come i didnt notice him before.
"what did you uh do?" i asked awkwardly
"i dyed my hair black because i was sick if playing along in a world of bimbos and jocks' he answered seriously, with a determined look on his face"plus blond never was my color" he added with a quick smile lit his eyes
huh cute and funny
"i'm sky..well i guess you already knew that" i laughed i heard the bell for class to start ring in the distance. i stood up (barely coming past his nose) and brushed the wet grass off my jeans
"well i guess I'll see you in spanish" i said turning away from him, thoughts already buzzing in my head
"or at lunch" he added hopefully i smiled
i spun around and saw him heading in the opposite direction of the school
"wait where are you going?" i asked
"haven't you ever heard that ditching is healthy?" he asked raising his eyebrows...god he was hot, I chewed my cheek in deliberation
"maybe once or twice" i answered walking towards him, trying to play it cool (like that has ever worked for me)
"i guess you could come with me"he said "if you want" he added
i hesitated for a moment i wasn't concerned about ditching it was just too perfect.
"but of course if you are too--"
"no" i cut him off quickly "i mean i'll come" i finished and followed him.
"where are we going?" i asked after a couple minutes of walking in silence we were almost to the forrest outside of the soccer field
"hmm"he said thoughtfully "i don't really know"
i let out a small laugh
"so why now?" i asked him looking down at the faded green grass
"now is as good a time as any other to change" he answered sounding very deep
"you know you sound like a fortune cookie" i told him
"i never been compared to a baked good before" he smiled at me
i picked up my pace to catch up with him.
"close your eyes" he told me stopping suddenly i stopped too looking curiously at him, raising my eyebrows
"why should i?, i mean i barely know you"
but before i could protest anymore he put his cold thin hands over my eyes. i resisted the urge to turn around and slap him, i somehow just knew he was ok, corny right?
"ok?" he whispered
"mhm" i answered preoccupied with trying to figure out where we were going. he satrted walking behind me slowly guiding me
"ok" he said again as we stopped moving his hands from my eyes. i looked around we were in the forrest and i was standing in front of a giant oak tree. a tree big whoop.
"uhh sumner?" i asked looking at him standing behind me following he was looking into the tree's thick branches. i followed his gaze which lay on a small platform just big enough for two people with a couple blankets nestled in its branches.
"you go first" i told him, skeptically
he nodded walking around me and heaving himself onto one of the lower branches. i laughed when he slipped but he ignored me until he got to the top
"come on" he called looking down at me
"no i'm fine down here" i told him nervously.
"aww come on how can you be afraid of heights? your name is Sky" he smiled teasingly
"its not the heights i don't like its the falling part" i muttered loud enough for him to hear
"but its not the fall that hurts its when you hit the ground" he sung
"you listen to the caesars?" i asked grinning
"of course" he answered reaching to help me
"ok i guess" i muttered biting my lip swinging one of my legs over one of the lower branches. After carefully and meticulously making my way up to the top i tripped onto the platform sumner grabbing me by the waist to stop me from falling just in time despite myself i could feel my cheeks heat up. He was just making sure i wouldnt fall i told myself plopping down on my butt next to him, shivering as a cool breeze blew through the tree rustling the maroon leaves.
I looked up at him through the sheets of mousey brown hair, that the wind had blown, covering my eyes. i pushed the hair behind my ear feeling self concious as we sat in the quiet.
"sumner" i prompted worried i was breaking some kind of trance
he smiled looking at me "sorry i was just thinking-" i shivered as the cold autumn wind blew again "here" he said offering to share the blanket, ‘playah’ I thought but then immediately felt guilty, he was just being polite.
"o-ok" i stammered scooting closer to him "so you were thinking?" i reminded him he nodded the corners of his mouth turning up
"i was thinking Maybe you wanted to go on a...oh i cant even say it, it’s too cliche" he groaned
my heart skipped a beat and then fell was this his way of asking me out ?
"what?" i asked
Wait a minute! why was i all worried i barely knew him i tried to shake the feeling off but couldnt focus on anything other than him as the scent of oldspice filled my nose
"Do you want to hang out a my place sometime" he rephrased it
"uhhm" i muttered looking down his place? where did he live again i strained to remember "okay?" i answered, still a little unsure, and saw his grey eyes sparkle with life
i smiled despite myself. "so uh what time?"
"well" he said thoughtfully "its friday so my sister will most likely be at a party and my parents are on a spouses retreat this weekend they left yesterday so I'm guessing after school is good" he answered "or something" he muttered quickly afterwards.
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kath {she stands}
kath {she stands}

Posts : 48
Join date : 2009-04-21
Age : 23
Location : standing in the alphabet next to L

PostSubject: Re: Sky's Story   Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:36 pm

"kay" i nodded chewing on the back of my thumbnail not realizing he was watching me "sorry" i muttered blushing yet again looking down at the ugly plaid pattern of the wool blanket.
"well I'm not" he said after a minute
I looked up at him in surprise, trying to read his expression, it was so hard to tell what he was thinking
"thats one of the many reasons i like you" he shrugged i looked down avoiding his gaze "just the small things you do that make you different" he elaborated "among other things" he added turning a light shade of pink
" ah shit!" i nearly yelled "you have a watch on?" i asked glancing down at his left wrist that was covered by long black sleeves.
"no sorry" he shrugged "we've only gone for maybe 45 minutes why?"
"i have an algebra test next period" i panicked scrambling to get up forgetting i was up in a tree
"why do you care so much about class?" he asked apparently amused at my reaction
i rolled my eyes
"Good grades" i started climbing down the tree
"means good colleges" i continued working my way down the tree
"and a good college is a guarenteed way to get me out of this hellhole"
"ouch" i muttered scraping my hand on the rough bark as i dropped to the ground
"looks like you had no trouble getting down" he mused grinning down at me
"ya ya" i muttered "see you in spanish" i called running towards the soccer field the cold wind whipping my hair in my face.
I stopped behind the bleachers searching for my bag. Hadn't I left it here? i spotted one of the duck taped straps sticking out deep beneath the second set of bleachers. I tugged on it pulling it free but ll of the stuff came tumbling out. Thats funny I thought I left it closed i thought as i piled my stuff back in. I checked everything was here. My keys, my wallet, my phone my school books but wait where was my planner? whatever it didn't matter, I could look for it later, if i didn't hurry i would miss the test.
I ran across the walkway my bag threatening to slip off of my shoulder. I slowed down as I got closer to the Ms. Hale's room, catching my breath, so i wouldn't call any unnecessary attention to myself. I ran my fingers through my hair to make sure there weren't any stray leaves. I straightened my shirt slipping through the door closing it silently behind me. I quickly slid into an open desk on the second row as she decided to start class.
"quiet down" her harsh voice twanged
I looked over at a blonde girl i recognized from the dance team (i think her name is krissy) who was rolling her eyes as she handed a small sheet of paper (i assumed was her number) to the burly guy sitting in front of her. She opened her mouth noticing my gaze probably to spit an insult at me but Ms. Hale chose that moment to begin calling roll
"Mitchell Berk" she called eying the boy krissy had been flirting with
"here" he said cooly with a nod as a couple of girls sitting in the back giggled. He thought just because he was quarterback... they were all the same...except sumner, maybe… I couldn’t tell for sure yet.
"Sky Fal" the sound of my name interrupted my thoughts
"here" i muttered twiddling mith my pencil
She continued monotonously down the roll.
"calculators are permitted" she told us as she passed out a thick stack of papers that unfortunately was the test.
i sighed pulling my bag into my lap unzipping in noisily ignoring the annoyed glare krissy gave me as i did rolling my eyes. I fished through my back pack... great.... just great! i thought sarcastically no calculator... It must have fallen out under the bleachers. Maybe the math wouldn't be so hard i knew the formulas maybe that was just the main thing. I glanced down at the test flipping through the first few pages. No such luck. The test felt like a lifetime. i barely noticed when the bell rang. Sighing I stood up just noticing an awful crick in my neck. An avalanche of eraser shavings fell out of my lap to the ground beneath me as I tried to snap out of my daze.I grabbed the test and turned it in trying to ignore the teachers disdainful looks at my tiny problems in the margins of the test. I trudged back to my desk zipping up my bag and cursing whoever had kicked my bag under the bleachers. I sighed still not focusing on anything imparticular numbers running in front of my eyes. I pushed open the first set of steel doors into the lunch room. Shaking my head waking up a little i scanned the busy lunch room for black shaggy hair. Sighing i walked outside and sat down on the cold iron bench popping open a coke zero. I looked around staring at the dead leaves hanging limply from the trees wondering if this morning had just been a dream.
i felt the heat of somebody behind me "hey" i jumped in surprised dropping my coke on the ground watching ast it quickly drained
"what the hell?" i asked annoyed turning around to see the offender.
i rolled my eyes when i saw it was sumner with an amused expression on his face. I bit my lip kicking the can into the bushes
"you know its not very nice to litter" he said casually sitting down next to me.
I bit my lip grinning “what just because I didn’t skip out on my test doesn’t mean I’m not b-b-bad to the bone” I replied sarcastically noticing the corner of his mouth twitch upward at my bad Elvis impression
“so—“ he started but was interrupted by a screech
“oh my gawd! SUMNER! What did you do to your hair?!” I heard an annoyingly perfect voice and turned around to see who I already expected Sumner’s older sister Laura.
I heard him sigh and just sit there for a while before he turned around slowly to face her. I looked slowly back to her and back to him again, this could be interesting.
“huh-lo!?” she asked again some of her entourage starting to gather behind her
“what about my hair?” he asked slowly as if he were talking to a 3 year old
Laura rolled hey perfectly eyelined blue eyes. She wrinkled her nose as if she had smelled something bad when she noticed me
“when did you get here?” she asked but switched her gaze to Sumner before I could respond
“your hair it is hideous” she stated mimicking his tone and grabbing some of it examining the roots some of which were still slightlyblonde
“I mean if you are going to be all goth” she said the last word with disgust “at least do it right” she dropped his hair. He hurried to smooth it and clenched his fists
Her little blonde entourage giggled and whispered
“so” she continued looking at me once again “are you a new kid or something?” she asked me raising her eyebrows
“no!” I gaped at her self centeredness “ I have been going to school with you since like hmmm let me think…always!”
“oh” she said and thought a minute “oh yeah that’s right you are the one who like protested our six-flags junior class trip last year right?” she remembered.
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kath {she stands}
kath {she stands}

Posts : 48
Join date : 2009-04-21
Age : 23
Location : standing in the alphabet next to L

PostSubject: Re: Sky's Story   Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:37 pm

“only because that money you used was supposed to be used to raise more money for the art department!” I raised my voice defending myself as her entourage grew and glared at me
“isn’t your name like cloud or something?” she asked ignoring me I clenched my fists as a few girls giggled
“You are so vapid” I yelled grabbing my bag angrily swinging it over my shoulder
“and btw” I said talking like she did normally “its sky not cloud” I turned away from them sighing and walking away fuming.
I turned away from them sighing and started to walk away, but before I could get too far Sumner put his hand on my shoulder and bent down.
“are you really going to let her get to you this easily come on you can do better than that I mean come on, I have to live with her.” he whispered to me. I tugged on a strand of my hair in consideration and sighed rolling my eyes at Laura’s smug expression. I sat back down on the cold iron bench next to him.
“As I was saying” She continued as if I had rudely interrupted her. Ok I did but she deserved it.
“I am going to Haylee’s tonight for a party and since Mom and dad are gone I am obligated to give you the lecture, No sex no drugs no alcohol,” she laughed a little after she said this, “I mean I know that’s not going to be a problem because you seriously lack a social life but just remember to keep the door unlocked when you go to bed because I will be getting home late”
Sumner cleared his throat “if you are done” he said sarcastically
“and I am” she replied either oblivious to or ignoring his sarcasm
“I actually have plans tonight so you should take the keys” he told her.
“Sure” she smiled laughing as if he were joking
“Ya we are hanging out tonight” I told her grinning smugly
“Whatever” she snapped
“No sex, no drugs no alcohol” she repeated turning to leave, her blonde ponytail swaying behind her as she left, her friends scurrying to follow.
“how do you live with her?” I groaned.
He shrugged tilting his head back looking into the grey sky. I brought my legs up to the bench sitting criss cross listening to the echoes of chatter. He stretched his arms and looked at me curiously.
“What?” I asked twirling my hair around my index finger.
“My roots aren’t really that bad are they?” He asked mock offended
“We-“ I started but was interrupted by vocals of the cure coming from my phone.
I jumped in surprise pulling out my scratched up phone sighing when I saw the caller.
“sorry” I muttered flipping the phone open
“Yes Collin” I answered annoyed, looking down when I noticed Sumner’s gaze on me.
“uhh Sky?” He asked nervously
“What?” I snapped immediately feeling bad for doing so.
“could you pick me up please?” his voice was quiet
“What all the way out to the middle school why?” I asked staring down at my black converse.
“Please Sky just this last time”
“Yeah whatever, I’m leaving now” I snapped the phone shut slipping it in my back pocket
“So who was that?” Sumner asked standing closer than I thought
“Oh it was Collin”
“Collin?” he asked disappointed.
“As in my little brother Collin” I elaborated.
“oh” the corner of his mouth turned up in a lopsided smile that tugged at my heart, “What did he want?”
“I have to drive out to the Middle School to pick him up, he wouldn’t tell me why though.” I answered swinging my backpack over my shoulder.
“oh So you want me to pick you up from your house after school or what” He asked following me.
“Umh Pick me up at six-ish?” I suggested.
“Sure but, you Spanish won’t be any fun without you” he grinned cockily
I rolled my eyes “See you at 6” my stomach felt weird as I walked towards the parking lot, is this what butterflies felt like? …. creepy
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PostSubject: Re: Sky's Story   

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Sky's Story
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