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Shape Shifter

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PostSubject: ~~~Spernaturals~~~   Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:41 am

“RUN!!!” Rya screamed at her two sisters, Aya and Ava, they stuttered a few steps then darted out of the woods. Rya’s eyes shifted to every bush and tree around her, she got into a deep lunge, ready to attack whatever comes her way. She saw something shift in one of the bushes, her eyes narrowed, focusing only on that bush. Rya crept soundlessly towards the bush; she started to make out the dark figure behind it. Werewolf, She thought.
Rya hurdled over the bush and at the werewolf, her and the ‘wolf tumbling across the floor. She then suddenly reached into her boot, grabbed her silver dagger (one of her many tools she used to kill anything that threatened her or her sisters) and swiftly drove it into its chest, pulled it out, wiped its blood on its black fury arm.
She could already see the wolf’s fur start to recede back into the skin, as the ‘wolf took its form as a small boy. She took one fast glance around the woods again, relief filling her as she realized that she had killed off the small pack.
Rya caught up with Aya and Ava at an old warehouse.
“Why were they after us?” Ava panted.
“I don’t know.” Was all Rya could say. It’s been months since anyone came after them or broke the law. Why were they coming after them now?
Rya, Aya, and Ava’s family were all killed by kidnapped by werewolves, vampires, witches, and shape-shifters, no one knew why. The three girls were young; even they didn’t want anything to do with them. Not that the three weren’t Supernaturals as well. They just didn’t want the girls. Rya was a vampire and the oldest, Ava as well. But Aya, the youngest, was a very short-fused witch and if anyone got on her last nerve, that would be the last thing they’d ever do.
As they got older, they started developing sort of a gang with each other. Any supernatural that was causing trouble, breaking the Supernatural Council law, or messing with them, got killed. That small pack of ‘wolves were trying to make little Aya into a late night meal, Rya could never lose one of her sisters, they were all she had left.
“So now what do we do? Now that things are starting to get wild again.” Aya, who was bouncing on her toes impatiently, said.
Rya laughed again, and lightly shoved Aya back and out of her face, “Well, I guess we can wait till tomorrow morning, then find a safer place to stay,” Rya looked around, catching a glimpse of a rat scurrying out from under an old newspaper, “ and a cleaner area, who found this place any way?”
Aya smiled and timidly raised her hand.
Ava rolled her green-brown eyes, “After you said, ‘run’, she sprinted away from me, got me worried till I caught her sent and followed it to this dump.” Ava was talking to Rya, but glaring at Aya, who immediately shrank away, and then straightened, her terrifyingly pretty dark brown eyes hardening.
“I was scared!” Aya snapped at Ava.
“That’s no excuse! You passed four perfectly fine hotels, and you take us here!” Ava was looming over Aya, yelling in her face.
“IT’S NOT HER FAULT!” Rya’s voice was raw with furry, her ice-cold caramel eyes turning to an almost auburn color stabbing into Ava’s. Her voice softened a bit, “Like she said, she was scared, and it was wiser to come here then go to a hotel. Too many humans there.”
Aya, who was still puffed up like a little blowfish, un-puffed and skipped over to Rya’s side smiling, her eyes turning into a chocolate brown instead of the deadly brown they normally were. Ava, who was still annoyed about Aya choosing a filthy place to stay, eventually calmed down and sat on a crate.
“So, where exactly are we going to sleep?” Ava asked, wrinkling her nose as she lifted a piece of newspaper.
“Ha-ha, find a nice piece of newspaper or find some cardboard, c’mon we’ve been in worse situations Ava.” Rya rolled her eyes and placed a few layers of somewhat clean newspaper and cardboard on the floor for Rya and Aya. Ava just grunted and through some newspaper on the floor and laid there pouting, murmuring things about how we could’ve been in a nice warm motel with beds. While Rya was softly humming a lullaby to Aya.
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Shape Shifter

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PostSubject: Re: ~~~Spernaturals~~~   Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:29 am

“RISE AND SHINE!!!!” Aya giggle, nudging the toe of her boot at Ava’s head. Ava elegantly stood up in one easy motion, just like any vampire would do.
“What?” Ava snarled.
“You have to wake up! Rya told us we’d find a safer lace to stay today.” Aya said, while taking all of her tools out of her boots, she may only be thirteen but she could take out a whole flock of Supernaturals single- handed. Everything in her boots had to be smaller so she could handle it.
“Well where is she now?” Ava murmured as she peeked around the room.
“She went hunting, since you went the other night you should be fine, but she hasn’t eaten in about two or three days. So. . . You get to take care of me for the time being!” Aya gave Ava a cheerful smile, and say on a crate.
“Ugh, aren’t you old enough to take care of yourself?” Ava murmured. Ava and Rya were both sixteen, but stopped changing at fourteen. Aya on the other hand stopped changing when she was around eleven or twelve so she was still quite little.
“Okay! Y’all ready to ride?” Rya pranced in holding three helmets, all black.
“What?” Aya and Ava asked in unison.
“C’mon! I you’ll see what I mean!! Follow!” Rya, who was clearly over excited, practically yelled.
The three of them slowly walked out of the old, ugly, pink and brown building, making sure no one noticed them. Out in the back of the build were three glossy black motorcycles.
“Wooo-hoooo!!!” Aya wooted, dashing towards one of the smaller bikes. “Where’d you get these?”
“Well we can’t keep walking and hitch hiking every where we go, so I found some guy selling them. But the point is we each getta bike, and it’ll be easier to get places. Do I have to keep explaining myself? Just grab a bike and let’s go.” Rya hoped on her bike, tossed Aya and Ava their helmets. The stormed out from the back of the building screaming and cheering.
Rya was ahead of the gang, Aya following giving devilish laughs as she accelerated, her and Rya tied, Ava not far behind.
Rya screeched to a stop, lifted her nose to the air catching the small gust of wind, she spun her bike around and sped down the road, Aya and Ava followed her. Aya caught up with Rya.
“Shape-shifters and vampires.” Rya spat. The stopped and parked there bikes by a bar then walked into an alley next to the bar. That’s where there were two shape-shifters, one vampire, and two humans. One girl about seventeen, the other girl around nineteen.
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lamia/human i'm unique

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PostSubject: Re: ~~~Spernaturals~~~   Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:12 am

hey sedona nice
you on the new Hon YET?
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PostSubject: Re: ~~~Spernaturals~~~   

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