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hey there so thanx for reading tell me if you like it and if you think i should continue..... Smile

I am sitting at a table in the library a place I visited frequently, reading what I know will some day be one of my favorite books. I am in the middle of a sentence and a chair scrapes the floor directly across from me. The book is on the table and I am leaning over it, I do not look to see whom it is, for I do not care. People have a choice to sit anywhere they want in a public library, why should I be the barrier on their free will. The person clears their throat once, then after a minute or two they clear it again. And again. I look up very slowly, trying to finish the sentence their irritating noises have interrupted. The person sitting across from me is a boy about my age maybe older with dusty brown hair that reaches just below his ears and falls in soft waves around his face with brown eyes that are framed in lashes so long you would think they were fake. He is undeniably cute and his presence is indelible, but he is a stranger to me and I do not want to talk to him. He smiles at me with teeth so white they hurt my eyes and I notice he has dimples. I respond to his smile by pushing my own chair back and standing up, I look at him for a second more then push my chair in, turn away, and walk towards the entrance. He does not follow or say anything as I leave.

Outside the air is brisk and cool, and the sky is a milky blue, almost grayish. It feels good, and I make my way towards the beach at the end of the street. I am going to watch the sun set under the pier. The waves great me with a whispery sigh and I sit just at the water, close enough that my feet could get wet, but they don’t. The tide is very low today. The sun has made a ribbon of orange light on the water straight towards me, it is beautiful. This is why I love the beach. It is cold here and soon the sky is dark and the stars are out. This is another reason I love the beach, you can actually see the stars. There are no buildings and lights to drown them out and mask their beauty. The full moon has risen and it is time to go home, although now more than ever I wish to stay at the water line and stare at the moon until I am drunk on its secrets. The waves are calling me; they want me to join in their fun. To swim and roll with the currents and never return, but I turn away and start for the street.

“Hello”. I recognize him immediately; he is the one who smiled at me in the library. His voice is deep and soothing, yet mysterious and enticing all at once, but is resting on a hint of despair. I do not answer right away, but wait for a minute or two.

“Hello”. I finally respond back and my own voice sounds like it has been recycled about as many times as the earth has traveled around the sun. I wish I hadn’t said anything. I turn suddenly and start for the street again. I do not look back as I walk away, and he does not say anything else to stop me. When I reach the street, I chance a fleeting look back, and he is nowhere in site.

Later, when I reached home no one was there. This was not surprising, so I ate three pieces of left over pizza from the day before, cold, and went straight to my room. The book I was reading in the library is now sitting in the middle of my royal purple bed spread. The faint grey vines seem to be moving and intertwining with each other right before my eyes. But this always happens in the dim lighting of my room. I went over to my window seat, peeked out of the opaque curtains, and looked out of the massive portrait window that faced towards the sea. My house was two-stories and it sat right on the beach. The scene was magnificent, with the full moon’s light shining down on everything, it was like a dream. That is until I saw him walking along the beach, leaving footprints in the sand. He stopped suddenly and turned around so that he was facing my direction. He can’t see me can he?

As if he’d heard my thoughts out loud, he slowly looked up and our eyes locked. He smiled briefly and then turned and walked slowly into the ocean, the waves breaking over him. I waited until maybe five minutes after he had completely disappeared under water. No one can hold their breath that long, certainly… I felt as though I needed to confirm that he wasn’t dead, so I put on my purple flats, and walked out of my room, and down the hall, but as soon as I got to the front door, the were four soft taps. I opened the door and there he was, shirtless, and gleaming in the moonlight. What? His hair is dripping and he looks slightly dazed but otherwise completely alert.

“What are you doing here?” I ask because it is a perfectly logical thing to say although, on the inside I am screaming at myself to shut the door in his face before I say something incredibly idiotic. He’s probably tired of me walking away from him, but he should be used to it by now.
“Aren’t you going to invite me inside?” he asks. His voice is like rich molasses, and I do not understand why I feel the need to agree with everything he says, like I have no free will, but I resist this urge and respond.

“I do not know you, and I am pretty sure that it is common sense not to let a complete and total stranger into your house.” I am becoming irritated very quickly, because my voice has changed from questioning to deadly calm but he probably has not even noticed the difference. Although his shirtless upper body and dimples aren’t helping me cope with the situation any better.

“My name is Daniel Carter, nice to meet you.” He says while holding out his hand. I do not shake his hand but, take three steps back and do an about face. I get him a towel and some of my dads’ old sweatpants. He changes in the hall bathroom and I chastise myself because I didn’t get him a shirt. When he emerges from the bathroom, I am in the kitchen and as he walks in I throw and t-shirt at him. he puts it on, and stares at me for a little while. My wavy chestnut colored hair is escaping the braid I platted in and little strand of hair are getting in my face.

“What do you want,” I ask him, “because you’ve been following me all day, so something is definitely up.”

“I have something to tell you…” he trails off, and I wait a minute or two, before asking,

“Which would be?”

“About your heritage, your history, about the things that make you a naiad.” he says, and I am so shocked by this because it was not at all what I was expecting to hear.

“There is no way on this green Earth that I am a naiad, a water nymph, are you crazy?”

“You know what that means?” he is stunned and somehow this makes it better.

“Why shouldn’t I?” I ask.

“Because most humans don’t know what a naiad means let alone what it is…” he says this and comes at me with a different tactic.
“You know your original father was Poseidon? You are a very old soul, you’ve had multiple reincarnations because every war of the titans you don’t survive and every war I –” He breaks off, seeming to think he might have begun to say too much. He looks like he might start crying and I am overcome with the feeling of wanting to comfort him in some way, but I stand my ground and wait until he’s gathered himself.

After he seems to be in more control I ask, “And every war you what?” It takes him a while to answer my question, so long that I think he won’t answer it at all, until he says “And every war I give myself up until you’ve returned to this world again, then I return as well, and find you, so that you might be informed and survive the war that is sure to come with your arrival.”

“My arrival to where?” I ask because now I am confused. Where does he think I am going?

“Your arrival to the sea.” he states this with so much passion that his eyes gleam and he can’t sit still. He gets up and starts pacing while I think trough what I have just heard. My arrival to the sea? Does he mean the ocean? Why would I arrive there, I live right on the beach, I am already here. Why does he think I am a naiad? Oh – I finally understand what he has been trying to tell me.

àMy brain seems to shut down and I suddenly need him to leave. I become dizzy as I feel cold talons slide across the flesh of my exposed neck. My temples are throbbing and he’s staring at me. Suddenly everything goes black and then there is a white flash leaving behind a jumble of colors and pictures sprawled across my minds eye. Abruptly the images and colors stopped assaulting me and I could focus on his face.

“Daniel Carter huh?” I asked, then I passed out.

(might cut out)
I am drifting along toward the open sea,
Where no one will ever find me,
If only I had a moon to watch,
I’d drift along till I was lost.

When I wake up I am alone and my neck is hurting, it feels as if I’d had frostbite and it was almost a goner. Sitting up in bed proceeded to give me a headache so I slowly lied back down and shut my eyes, willing the pain to go away. When its receded just enough for me to get up, I do and make my way towards my bathroom. What I see shocks me so much I almost pass out again. My chestnut colored hair has completely loosened from it braid, falling in soft waves till reaching my middle back and my eyes look haunted. But that is not what stopped me in my tracks. Sprawled along the flesh of my neck like a thick choker written in ink is a tattoo, a tattoo the color of the sea with dewdrops and flower petals, and in the middle of this beautiful intricate design is what looks like a rune of some sort. I quickly turn on the water and dab my fingers under it then put them to my neck thinking to rub off the beautiful design, but instantly when I touch my neck a sharp stabbing pain all along the sea colored ink and the rest of my body causing black spots to dance across my vision. I gasp once and everything goes dark.

I wake up in my bed, its soft and warm, with moonlight streaming in through my portrait window. My whole body is sore and I have another skull splitting headache, but through the pain I feel something pulling me. Something soft and sweet, but potentially cruel and deadly. I drift into a colorful darkness filled with shimmering bodies, sounds of rushing water, and the pull of something that feels like home.

I am not completely unconscious or awake so when my mom walks in I can hear her perfectly, she was astounded by the sight of me. I guess she had just gotten home. She thought I was asleep only she was stuttering because of the tattoo on my neck. I couldn’t wake up completely so I couldn’t calm her down, and on she went like this for the remaining of the night. Rambling and hovering over me like she could make the thing go away with sheer will power.

As if. I drift back off into sleep, somehow knowing that something is terrible wrong. With me.
His voice is calling me, urging me to wake up, telling me we don’t have much time. Time for what? Telling me that I’ll be gone soon if I don’t wake, and that he wouldn’t be able to bear it. But I’m right here? I slowly open my eyes, to see my room still dark and his face lingering a few inches from mine.

“I will not lose you again.” he said with such force it shocked me enough to become full alert.
Pain seized me immediately and I gasped in surprise. He then grimaced as if my pain was his as well. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, and grabbed hold of the bedspread for dear life. It felt like my insides were exploding one by one in slow motion, so that everything was drawn out. I opened my eyes a slit in time to see Daniel lean down and kiss the rune in the middle of my neck, making me sink into a white ocean filled with swirling currents of color, and my pain instantly disappeared.

He was carrying me and we were outside, but going where I had no clue. Seeing as though I could faintly here waves through my fatigue I’d say we were on the beach. He walked into the water, I could hear the lap of water against his clothes. I opened my eyes to see him staring down at me intently and the full moon was shining just above his head, he was gorgeous.

“It’s time to go home.” he said and he walked maybe 10 feet more till he was up to his neck and my head was just barely above the water. Then he let go and I started sinking, now I am a very good swimmer but I was not expecting him to just drop me, and I don’t think I could’ve swam out of the current that seized me anyway. It dragged me along and barely fought it, my ears popped and my head was ringing with a warning of low oxygen but strangely I felt peaceful and I could see the moon through the water. It was very far away.
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