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 Morgead Blackthorn And Jez Redfern

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PostSubject: Morgead Blackthorn And Jez Redfern   Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:51 pm

OMGeezy! They R SOOOOO Cute 2gether! All of u Night World fanz (Like me) who enjoyed reading Huntress you should go to this website:
It is Amazing! The ending part is a song about Morgead And Jez, including Poppy, James, Quinn, Rashel, Ash, and Mary-Lynette. If you like the website let me know i can find more!
Also Lisa Jane Smith has A websit its:
It has Ash and Mary-Lynette continued, and Morgead and Jez beforehand...
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Morgead Blackthorn And Jez Redfern
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